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Dressing the Magellan Region

A project to make an Elizabethan dress for my daughter.

New Zealand was unknown to Europe in the Elizabethan age. Maps from the period have a vague outline of a continent covering most of the bottom of the globe, named Terra Australis (Southern Land). The area closest to New Zealand regularly bears an inscription “Hanc continentam Australem nonnulli Magellanicam regionem ab eius inuentore noncupant” [This Southern continent is by some called the Magellan region after its discoverer].
Now I’m not about to go calling home Terra Australis, because that name well and truly belongs to our north-western neighbours. But I think it’s still reasonable to describe us as the Magellan region, since unlike “land”, “region” doesn’t need to mean all in one piece.


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