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Experiments with cake III: Martha Stewart’s orange-almond cake

Since the previous efforts with the white chocolate orange almond mudcakes weren’t entirely satisfactory (sunk in the middle; overly sweet), I thought I’d try something else: time to abandon the chocolate and just try orange-almond.  I’ve started with Martha Stewart’s version (http://www.marthastewart.com/343647/orange-almond-cake) even though it only reviews with 3 1/2 stars, because it seemed like a good place to start.

I’m not doing the candied orange topping, because it’s for a wedding cake, and I’d only bought 3 oranges at the supermarket, so I put a mandarin in as well to be the other orange half.  That did seem to produce the required 3 cups of orange pulp, so all good there. The rest of the recipe was pretty straight-forward. I used golden caster sugar rather than plain sugar, and I used the eggs I had, which were probably on the smaller side of US “large”.

It’s now cooked. The recipe said about 1 hr. I put it in for 50 minutes at 180C on “Classic Bake”. I suspect it may be slightly overcooked, as just as the timer went off I smelt the start of a slightly burnt smell.  We’ll see if that’s actually the case once it’s turned out.


I’ve turned it out. It is a bit browner round the sides than ideal. Next time, I don’t think I’ll use “classic bake” (actually, when has it ever given me a good result?) and just stick with fan bake, and check it earlier.


Ha! When I went looking for appropriate icing for this cake, I found it’s not the version she uses for wedding cakes.  Oh well, I’m sure we’lll enjoy eating it anyway!


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