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Farthingale near complete


The Boy was home today with a cough.  I let him try on (well, hold up) the nearly completed farthingale.  He disappeared down the hallway in it with a cry of “so long, suckers!”


4 thoughts on “Farthingale near complete

  1. The farthingale looks fantastic. What did you use for the ‘hoops’?
    Do you have the sheet with all the maths for waist sizes, lengths etc done for ‘modern bodies’ by Missa on her Semptress blog? If so, I would be extremely grateful if you could send it to me.

    • Hi Susan, it’s a while ago – I went looking for the original site it came from and see that Missa has sent it to you.
      I was playing with the idea of setting up an excel worksheet so that people could adjust the farthingale a bit more according to their own dimensions and how many hoops they want. I haven’t got very far with it though!
      Let me know if you still need assistance,

      • Hello Everwright, Many thanks for your reply. Yes, Missa has sent me the details. I was not sure that her site was still actively working. I shall get back to you if I need more help.
        Happy New Year,

  2. Excellent – oh, and I realised afterwards I didn’t give you a full answer. I used black irrigation hose from the hardware store for the hoops. It had the bonus of also being able to buy connectors for it, which saves the hassle of cutting a dart in one side so it will slot into the other. It’s reasonably firm – firmer than steel, for example (my daughter used to have a 3-hoop steel hooped petticoat), but still flexible for passing through doors etc.

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