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As promised, photos.

Well, I don’t know if I promised, but either way, here are some photos of the semi-finished smock.

First, the whole garment:
2013-05-20 12.50.07

The only downside to undoing all the gore seams and resewing was that the it made the edges a whole lot more frayed, and the resulting french seams now need a lot of trimming to make them neat. I have not yet done this trimming.

Anyway, here’s a close up of the neckline, with its “frame” for further blackwork should I feel the inclination:

2013-05-20 12.50.29

Otherwise, I’ve been reading up heavily on farthingales (and many thanks to the sempstress for her in-depth mathematical analysis. If you didn’t guess from the excel charting of the blackwork manuka, I also have a weakness for trigonometry), as that and/or the bumroll will be the next step. I’ve decided that although the Simplicity 2621 pattern for a farthingale is probably fine, I want to at least consider something closer to an Alcega arrangement of gore dimensions.

That’s all for now. I’m off to inspect some lime green linen (if it’s as affordable as I recall, I might dye it) and borrow The Tudor Tailor (again) and Queen Elizabeth’s Wardrobe Unlock’d (for the first time I think) from the library.


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