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Time waits for noone

Okay, it’s been a while.  If a blog is meant to regular, then this isn’t one, because it’s irregular.  Never mind.

In the interim, we have engaged an architect, and he has produced some wonderful plans and drawings for us.  Even if we’d sold the place, I would have been happy to have had that experience.  But as it turns out, the Swiss Buyer isn’t going to go ahead, so looks like it’s us after all.

“Swiss Buyer?” you ask.

Well, after the initial novelty had worn off, we’d decided that the financially rational thing to do was have a bob each way – i.e., list the place for sale while at the same time continuing with our own plans for it.  So we chose a price at which we felt like we’d be happy either way, and did just that.  Took a fascinating collection of people through it.  Some were taken aback when they discovered just how decrepit it was, till I changed the wording on the ad so it read “not currently habitable”.  The enquirers could be loosely categorised into two groups:  dreamers who wanted to do it, but didn’t have enough cash, and investors who weren’t interested in spending the money.  But in the end, we did have an enquiry from someone who appeared to see the underlying majesty of the place, and also have presumably enough dosh to make it happen.  Only problem was he was currently in Switzerland. 

We swapped emails, and I put up a whole lot of Picasa photos to show what it was like; he had his son and a builder friend come to have look; and then was at last in town this last weekend and could be shown through.  He took photos.  He revisited the place on Sunday.  But ultimately, I think the reality of having to manage the work from the other side of the world, plus the financial reality of it, was sufficient to make he and his wife decide not to pursue it.  I can’t say I blame them at all.

‘Course, that means, I think, that we’re now past the point where we’d sell it, and into the phase where it’s ours, and we’re doing it, and we’d better get used to the idea.  Commitment, commitment!

Speaking of commitment, back to that pesky thesis.  No, it’s still not finished.  Yes, I know I said I needed to finish it.  Fine, fine, see, I’m going back to it now, you can stop nagging me!


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