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Oh sure, insurance.

So, we’re back from our enormously long holiday, and today is settlement day, and I’m just a wee bit stressed.

On the weekend, we realised we hadn’t yet arranged insurance.  Last-minute-lil-R-US.  A bit stressful, but probably doable, since even though it was a public holiday here, it’s not in Auckland.  So I phoned the bank, and they said, yes, they could insure the property, but they’d need a valuation for insurance purposes to do so.

Eep #1.  Would it be possible to get a valuation in just one day?  I phoned Valuation Consultants (VC) next morning at 8am, expecting to leave a message, but got a Bill, who took down all the details, and said yes they’d do it.  I was very relieved.  Enjoy that relief, yesterday morning’s self, it won’t last.

Phoned VC a bit later in the morning to see if I could get a time-frame.  Yes, the Bill who’d be doing it thought he probably could get it done before the end of the day.  Excellent, except I’d left the bank’s fax number at home.  Never mind.  Call them back.  Emma in insurance unavailable, but here’s the fax number.

Phoned VC again to let them know the fax number for when the valuation was ready.  All good still.

At 3.30pm Bill phoned to say he’d completed the valuation and it’d been faxed through.  Hooray for Bill Smith and VC.  Phoned Emma to make sure all was good, but couldn’t get through, left message for her to call.

At 4.20, Emma phoned.  No, she hadn’t got the valuation – because the numpty I’d spoken to earlier in the day had given me an extremely out of date fax number.  Cusswords!  Phone VC again, they said they’d refax it straight away.

Phoned lending to see if it was all set (I knew Emma was leaving at 4.30).  Left message.  They phoned back at 6.10pm.  No, the insurance approval hadn’t been put through yet.  Too late to do anything more that day.

Settlement day morning.  I forget who I phoned in what order, but I have spoken to the bank more times than I’d like, the solicitor at least once, somebody in insurance (Emma’s away) at least once.  The person I was talking to yesterday in lending (Ben, who’s doing Julie’s work for her while she’s away) isn’t there, so now I’ve got Belinda, who is a bit behind in the whole situation and manages to make matters infinitely worse by telling me (say what?) that Lending Services don’t talk to customers (so who the hell have I been talking to for the last two days?), and then deciding that not only are we still to provide evidence of insurance for the new property, but that our insurance evidence for our current property is out of date and also needs to be updated.  I breathe through my nose.  I phone our insurance company.  Nice chap there faxes it while I’m on the phone, and says he’ll call Belinda just to make sure it’s gone through.  I think I will too, because what’s another phone call in all this mess?

Meanwhile, Belinda’s phoning VC to get them to refax the valuation, since, as Emma’s not there, the copy I sent her email is of no use, and the one VC has clearly got lost somewhere up the Devil’s bum along with my calm.

Oh, but there was one good thing yesterday.  I made an appointment for us to meet John Mills next week, to see if we can afford him for the project.


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